Save Our Klamath County

Let’s save the ranchers of Klamath County.


4000 jobs lost


Our water


million at risk

This is the Newman family from Bly, OR. They are a 4th generation ranching family, hoping to pass their heritage to the newly arrived 5th generation.

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Who We Are

We are family ranchers, farmers, supporters of agriculture, and people who love and treasure the pastoral landscapes of Klamath County, Oregon.

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What's at stake

Our vision

Every day, more ranchers in the Upper Klamath watershed are losing their access to irrigation water. Without the ability to irrigate, ranchers cannot grow a hay crop to feed their cattle through the winter, let alone have adequate forage for summer months. No water and no hay means these ranches are no longer viable for agriculture, and will be forced out of business.

Our vision is to establish fair distribution of water rights among Upper Klamath stakeholders and the Klamath Tribes in order to sustain the region’s agriculture-based economy, foster understanding in our diverse communities, and preserve the rural character of Klamath County, Oregon.

Allowing productive irrigated lands to dry up and rural communities to wither is not in anyone’s best interest. The life-giving waters of the Upper Basin are a fundamental resource that needs to be shared by all stakeholders. We want to find a fair and equitable way to distribute this water that will give all parties some of what they need, though no one will receive all of what they want. Ranchers need to continue to ranch, and in-stream flows for the Klamath Tribes need to be adequate for historic uses.